Tag Sale Tingles




Teacup, the milk glass on the mantle and the rag rug are all second-hand treasures

I have filmed several ASMR videos showcasing my second-hand finds over the years that many of my Gentle Viewers seem to enjoy. The items have been everything from quilts, to tea cups,  to home decor and furniture. My sister and I have been picking up these little treasures for years as we have always lived on a fairly tight budget. And after decades of buying pressboard furniture and Ikea flat packs I craved solid furniture crafted to last for decades not months or a few years at best. And I love that each piece we buy has a history to it along with the patina of age.

Beautiful hand-made quilt

It is not just a budgetary or aesthetic preference that draws me to vintage pieces. It is the attempt to remove myself, as much as possible, from the consumer machine that dictates one must have the latest trend at the cheapest prices usually at the expense of the factory workers and the environment.


The silver-plated tray was a 2 dollar find that holds all of my skincare products

Sometimes, I buy things specifically for a video especially if it is fabric I can use for my backdrops. And other times they are a springboard for ideas. Recently, I have been hunting down particular items for a vintage series I am planning for the new year. This video gives a hint about the subject matter.

We are lucky enough to live in a village that has three second-hand stores within walking distance and a larger one just a five-minute drive from home. And of course, during the summer and early fall there are a plethora of garage sales, estate sales and church bazaars to choose from.

My latest video showcased some lovely items I found in a garage sale held by the condo complex we are renting in. And as I said in the video, it was an introvert’s dream to just pop out my front door and walk a few feet to do some shopping. If you would like to see some of the tag sale tingles I have picked up take a look at the videos below.



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    • Thank you so much for your kindness and I love how you describe me. I would have used words like weird, nerdy and eccentric. And thank you so much for supporting me with my videos.

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