Monthly Favourites: September 2016

1. The Re-release of My Contemporary Romance, The Still Life of Hannah Morgan


This was the first novel I penned and just like the main character, Hannah, it was a book that never gave up. The first publisher that I signed with closed its doors just a month after my book was released. Much to my delight, this year, my current publisher decided to re-release the book. So after a round of edits and revisions and a beautiful new cover, Hannah Morgan’s struggle to find her way and follow her dreams has been reborn. Again.

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I’ve had several cat companions over the years. Six to be exact. Each one, a rescue from the animal shelter or has come to me after being abandoned. The newest addition to the family is Steve. I’ve never had a kitten before so his antics and boundless energy has been something I needed to get accustomed to.  And it is hard to believe that this fuzzy little bundle of goofy energy and loud rumbling purrs almost didn’t make it through his first weeks of life.

It was our local Vet. that introduced Steve to me as he was under her care at the time. He  arrived at the clinic severally anemic and infested with fleas. The Vet. said she’d never seen such an extreme case and after the treatment over 300 fleas had been removed. She wasn’t sure he would make it but because of her care and attention he now has a new life with us.

He is now two months old and I still secretly harbour the suspicion that he is really a small dragon, possibly related to Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.



There are apples and then there are Honey Crisps. I’m not a great fan of apples unless they are baked into a pie or a turnover but I make the exception with these little lovelies.  They are sweet and crisp with a delicate skin that makes them the perfect eating apple. They are also atrociously expensive  and only available for a few months in the fall so they are definitely an indulgence worth waiting for and savouring for the short time they are available.