Samhain Oracle Card Reading 2017

Photo by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash

To celebrate Samhain and mark the Halloween holiday, I filmed a mini oracle card reading using a beautiful deck that was given to me last year by a gentle viewer named Karla. Instead of doing my regular layout with the cards I was inspired to use a Samhain layout that I found on Facebook.

As the traditions says, this is the time  the veil between the worlds of the living and dead are at its thinnest allowing us to communicate with our loved ones who have crossed over. It is also a time to give thanks and honour our ancestors. The layout was ideal as it uses three cards to reflect the energy of the living and three cards to channel the energy of the spirit world. Hope you enjoy the card reading.


Here is the video I filmed last year showing the unboxing of the Halloween gifts from Karla.

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Tag Sale Tingles




Teacup, the milk glass on the mantle and the rag rug are all second-hand treasures

I have filmed several ASMR videos showcasing my second-hand finds over the years that many of my Gentle Viewers seem to enjoy. The items have been everything from quilts, to tea cups,  to home decor and furniture. My sister and I have been picking up these little treasures for years as we have always lived on a fairly tight budget. And after decades of buying pressboard furniture and Ikea flat packs I craved solid furniture crafted to last for decades not months or a few years at best. And I love that each piece we buy has a history to it along with the patina of age.

Beautiful hand-made quilt

It is not just a budgetary or aesthetic preference that draws me to vintage pieces. It is the attempt to remove myself, as much as possible, from the consumer machine that dictates one must have the latest trend at the cheapest prices usually at the expense of the factory workers and the environment.


The silver-plated tray was a 2 dollar find that holds all of my skincare products

Sometimes, I buy things specifically for a video especially if it is fabric I can use for my backdrops. And other times they are a springboard for ideas. Recently, I have been hunting down particular items for a vintage series I am planning for the new year. This video gives a hint about the subject matter.

We are lucky enough to live in a village that has three second-hand stores within walking distance and a larger one just a five-minute drive from home. And of course, during the summer and early fall there are a plethora of garage sales, estate sales and church bazaars to choose from.

My latest video showcased some lovely items I found in a garage sale held by the condo complex we are renting in. And as I said in the video, it was an introvert’s dream to just pop out my front door and walk a few feet to do some shopping. If you would like to see some of the tag sale tingles I have picked up take a look at the videos below.


Singularly Focused


I’ve been filming ASMR videos for four years now and I still love making them as much as I did when I was first starting out. I adore the creative freedom, working independently, connecting with viewers, discovering new things and overcoming challenges that inevitably crop up during the creative process.

Having made over two hundred videos, I’ve also noticed an odd occurrence. Whenever I am planning a rather complicated video requiring a multitude of props, logistical issues and days of research, when I hit record,  it goes without a hitch. Conversely,  the videos that have very few props or none at all, basic lighting and a simple premise end up being the most challenging.

This week’s videos fell into  the latter category. Both were viewer requests and because they seemed so simple I decided to film them back-to-back. The first request was for me to run my hands across a grey-blue towel creating a soft shushing sound rather like waves on the  ocean. The second video was tapping on different boxes. Both videos were just the sounds with no talking so all I had to do were basic movements for about an hour each to get a finished 30 minute video.

Five minutes into filming I realized how much of a challenge they were going to be. Without me talking throughout the video the ambient sounds became even more prominent and I kept having to stop filming to wait for a delivery truck to finish rumbling by or the ever-present train ( I live so close to the train I can see it out my window) to thunder past my house .

And running my hands over fabric for an hour straight or tapping endlessly and rhythmically was actually physically difficult. My arms and back muscles kept cramping and I would have to stop to stretch. It was quite painful and amusing at the same time. I can garden for hours hunched over or digging and hauling dirt but sitting down and tapping on boxes  almost did me in.

But the most challenging aspect was being alone with my own thoughts without any distractions for the two hours it took to film both videos. I have been struggling to make meditation a regular part of my routine and ten minutes is about as long as I can handle before wanting to bolt from the room. And these videos much to my surprise were very much like a mediation. I didn’t need to think about what I was going to say or do next, I could let my mind relax into the sounds I was creating and then I had nothing to do but feel the painful muscle cramps and observe the random thoughts that kept bouncing and nudging around in my consciousness.

It took until the very end of filming before the urge to be distracted and the uncomfortable feeling of just being subsided. What was left was a deep sense of peace. I don’t know if the viewer can sense what was happening to me while filming, I hope they can’t as these videos are meant to be relaxing, but that being said, I also wonder if the switch in my energy to that deeper relaxation could also be felt. You can watch the videos below and tell me what you think.