ASMR ~ Goodbye BirchBox


All good things must come to an end so it was with a little sadness that I filmed the last of the Birchbox unboxing for my ASMR channel. One of my Gentle Viewers, Marissa Bracke, gifted me a three month’s subscription to the beauty box and not only was February’s the last of the gift it is the last of the Birchboxes available to us Canadians. I received an email shortly after receiving last month’s box informing me that Birchbox was closing down its Canadian operations.

But those of you who really like unboxing videos need not be too disappointed as we still have our monthly Calm Box to look forward to and, who knows, there may be an Ipsy subscription in my future.

In the meantime, here is February’s Birch Box unboxing video, ASMR-style. Enjoy.




ASMR ~ Sephora Mascara Samples Show and Tell

If you watch my ASMR videos you know they only show my hands. It was a style choice I made right from the beginning based on the limitations of my recording equipment, the size of my recording space, my preference for whispering ( I need to keep my mic inches from my mouth so that it picks up my voice and thus the mic is directly in front of my face) and the type of videos I film. So choosing to make a video on mascara might seem a bit odd.

But when my nieces gave me a Sephora Sampler of mascaras and I saw how beautiful the packaging was I knew I needed to do a show and tell video. When deciding on a subject for an ASMR video I am first drawn to the sounds I can create and the packaging was perfect for tapping and sticky finger sounds. Talking about the different formulas and brushes gave me ample opportunity to whisper for almost an hour.


For a brief second, I thought about including close-up shots of my eyes wearing the different brands but when I thought about how disconcerting it would be to be watching my hands and then a big eye would show up on the screen staring at the viewers it seemed a bit creepy. But I do give my feedback on how each mascara performed and at the end of the video I tell you what my favourites and hate its were.

Also, after a year of constantly changing my nail colour for the videos, my nails have become very dry and have a tendency to peel. So I’ve cut my nails short, given them break from the drying effects of polish and remover and started to put on a nourishing nail salve every night. But to coordinate with the products and packaging for this video, I knew I needed to do something special as my unpainted short nails just wouldn’t do. So watch the video to see what I used for my nail “wardrobe.”

Click Image Below to Watch


ASMR ~ A Breath Of Spring

Even though it is March, I kept the Valentine hearts up because I thought they looked pretty with the flowers.

Even though it is March, I kept the Valentine hearts up because I thought they looked pretty with the flowers.

The other morning, I heard the robins singing, the sunrise is coming up a little earlier each day and our pansies on the balcony are in full bloom. Spring has arrived and although we will still get the odd heavy rains and winds I can’t help but feel the itch to get in the garden. But I need to show a little restraint as the ground is still too saturated for me to start mucking about in the dirt.

So when I popped by the green grocer’s and they had buckets of tulips line up on either side of the door I couldn’t resist. I bought several bunches and thought a simple ASMR video of me arranging them in bouquets would be a comforting welcome to the growing season.

I rearranged my recording set up to accommodate the longer shots I would need to get the flowers in the frame. I have been making ASMR videos on a regular basis for almost a year now so you would think that making these would be a simple and easy routine. I blame my mistake on the slight change in the position of my overhead mic. Because … half-way through the video I forgot to hit record and ending up losing over eight minutes of footage. I could have used the sound from my camera but it is such a poor quality and because I whisper, even with adjusting the sound in my editing suite it still sounded horrible.┬áSo my lesson this week is always double-check that the little red light on my mic is on.

So despite the shorter length of this video, I hope it helps you to relax and enjoy a little bit of spring. Click on the picture below to watch the video.