ASMR ~ Feb. 2016 Calmbox Unboxing


I really enjoy subscription boxes because it’s lovely to get a package in the mail each month full of goodies that are a surprise. And whether you love beauty, fashion, your pet, reading, exercising or crafting there is a box out there for you. I started receiving a subscription box from Glossybox for two reasons;  I was beginning a journey of self-discovery and part of that was exploring beauty and cosmetics and I wanted to do an unboxing video for my ASMR channel.

This past Christmas, my sister, Cari gave me a 6 month subscription to Calm Box. She couldn’t have found a more perfect subscription box for my channel as the main reason people watch ASMR videos is to de-stress, relax and fall asleep. And the items in the box do not disappoint. Not only are the goodies geared to creating calm they are of a high quality and always include a books of some sort, tea samples, beauty, home decor or lifestyle and little edible treats.

Now when February’s box arrived I was a bit leery to open it as I loath the whole Valentine’s Day merchandise as it centres around romantic love and being a couple. Being single, by choice, I find it disappointing that single people are marginalized by this consumerist holiday and friendship is rarely held to the same level of desirability as being a romantic couple.

But true to form, even this month’s box was focused on self-care and self-love which most people struggle with and yet are the corner stones to attracting and sustaining a healthy romantic relationship.. The box also included an item that explores what happiness is. So, thank you Calm Box team for another amazing unboxing.


Click on the image below to watch the video.