The Magick of Makeup

Photo by Jake Peterson on Unsplash

Makeup isn’t just pigments and powders used to enhance our features. A tube of lipstick has the power to transform a battered heart into a confident spirit and a dab of blush can give you the courage to face the day’s challenges. As Sali Hughes writes in her first book Pretty Honest: The Straight-Talking Beauty Companion,

During the darkest periods, beauty takes on an extra significance and, for many, can become one of our most effective coping mechanism. When we’ve lost a job, are going through a divorce, are grieving a loved one . . .

Even in economic crisis, we turn to beauty. Statistics consistently show that during times of recession and austerity, the sales of lipstick go up, due to the instant feel-good factor of buying and wearing a new lippy.

my lipstick addiction

Lipstick is my weapon of choice to combat life’s adversities. For a mere three dollars, I can buy a new tube from my corner drugstore or if things are going well and I want to reward myself or celebrate I can indulge in a more pricey Chanel or YSL.

I admit I tend to stay in the safe zone when it comes to colour choice. As you can see by my lipstick collection above, I prefer peaches and pinks. So when I received the Sephora Favourites lipstick collection I had no excuse not to try some of the darker more daring shades.

My favourite of the darker lipsticks was the red from the Sephora collection. It was just the right blue-based red that complimented my cool-toned skin and made my teeth look whiter. I put it on and, with some trepidation, left the house to run errands. But judging by the compliments I received it will be a colour that I will wear again, maybe not everyday as I haven’t lost my love of pale pinks and gold-tones peaches.

You’re making me blush

I’ve just recently started wearing blush and decided to try Glossier’s new Cloud Paint cheek colours in Blush and Beam. These tiny little packages designed to look like paint tubes pack a big punch when it comes to colour payoff so I’d advise you use just a tiny dot. I mix the two colours and apply it slightly higher up and back from the apples of my cheeks as, makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury suggests to give a more lifted effect.

I also bought the skin tint and stretch concealer from the line. If you want to find out my thoughts on  them  you can watch last week’s ASMR Glossier show and tell video.