The Unexpected Side Effects of ASMR

As a viewer of ASMR videos, I know first-hand how beneficial they are for reducing anxiety and stress and some people have reported ASMR videos help alleviate their insomnia. I first started making videos as a creative outlet but I didn’t realize until I began to upload on a regular basis that there are several side effects of being an ASMR content creator that no one ever told me.

A sense of community: the viewers on my channel share not just their struggles with depression, anxiety or insomnia but also the more positive events in their lives such as getting a long desired job, or moving into their dream home or giving birth (one of my viewers even took my videos in to watch during her labour) or getting through the day without having a panic attack. Whether it is sharing the challenges or the triumphs, my Gentle Viewers and I have created a safe, judgemental space to come together to share our stories and be heard.

Support and encouragement: I was delightfully surprised at how supportive, caring and genuine my Gentle Viewers are. They understand how much time and effort goes into filming, editing and uploading two videos a week and they let me know on a regular basis how grateful they are for my efforts.

Collaboration: My viewers will on occasion make suggestions to improve my videos and they have been so helpful in making my videos better. And they always word their insights with such kindness that it can never be taken as anything other than wanting to help me get better as a content creator.

Teaching me the art of receiving: As a people-pleaser it is very difficult for me to be on the receiving end of gratitude. And at first I learned to embrace the lovely things my viewers were leaving in the comments without feeling uncomfortable. And then I had viewers astound me with gifts such as composing the music for my intro, a three month’s subscription to Birchbox so I could continue doing beauty unboxing, plants and goodies from the Netherlands and most recently a curated beauty box from a fellow Canadian.

So if you are looking for a drug free alternative that may help you relax why don’t you check out ASMR videos and be prepared for some unexpected side effects that may include more kindness, understanding and support.

Dutch Delights



2 thoughts on “The Unexpected Side Effects of ASMR

  1. Hello, I found your page, while doing a search for side effects of ASMR. I’ve been listening to ASMR and falling asleep quite frequently for a couple of month, and recently I found that I was making stupid mistakes In daily life that I dont normaly make. On top of it I wasn’t getting good rest. I wonder if you have any insight, or heard anyone else with similar complaints?

    • Hi Teko, I haven’t heard of anyone having similar complaints after watching ASMR videos. The only documented side effect is becoming immune to the tingles when watching too often. And that can be remedied by refraining from watching for about a week. I don’t know your age, gender or what stress levels you are currently experiencing but it might not be a bad idea to go to your health practitioner to have your bloods checked and hormone levels. That being said, I also don’t watch videos in bed to fall asleep as I don’t want to expose myself to the blue light coming off the screen so close to sleeping as it disturbs your sleep/wake cycle. I also find that if you do fall asleep listening and the video ends and a ad starts playing it can be really jarring to be woken that way. I watch to calm down during the day if my anxiety is bad or a couple of hours before bed to get sleepy. I hope this helps.

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