Why Don’t You . . . ?

Audacious Advice for Living a More Stylish Life

By MidCentury Maven

(inspired by Diana Vreeland’s Harper’s Bazaar column 1932-1941)


2 thoughts on “Why Don’t You . . . ?

  1. Lora!! I love your hair 😍. I just stumbled upon your new Post… Why Don’t You…and really enjoy it.

    I’ve been in a “funk” for awhile, but listen to your ASMR videos all the time. I say “listen” because I love just listening to your voice, and, whisper.

    I have a daughter who is dealing with Metastatic breast cancer, and has most recently gone to live in Assisted Living. I live 500 miles from her, so I have only been able to talk on the phone, text and, occasionally fly up to NH to visit. I really appreciate having your videos easily accessible, to help with my sleep:)

    I just wanted to say hey, as it’s been awhile since we last corresponded, and I just wanted you to know how much your vedios mean to me.

    Hugs, Maryetta

    • Hi Marietta, So good to hear from you and I am so sorry to hear about what your daughter is dealing with. Please know that I am sending thoughts of comfort to both you and her. And I am deeply honoured if in any way my videos are helping you to sleep. I haven’t had the time to focus on my blog but thought I should make an effort. I am letting my midcentury maven flag fly as I am feeling the need to express who I am as a whole person and not just my hands LOL. Please let me know how both of you are doing in the future. You can send me a private message on facebook or you can email me at authordeeprose@gmail.com.

      Much love and hugs,

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