Monthly Favourites – October 2016

This month saw a delivery of two surprise boxes from my Gentle Viewers who watch my ASMR channel. One box was from Jorden, who seriously knows how to put together a beauty box. She has sent me three so far and I keep telling her if she ever wanted a change in career, starting her own subscription box would be a wonderful thing.

The second box came from Karla, a wonderful viewer who loves Halloween/Samhain as much as I do. She and her cat, Bibbz, found some amazing items from Salem. To watch both videos just click on the thumbnails below.



Keeping on the theme of feeling such gratitude and support from all of my Youtube subscribers, I wanted to show what I do with all of the lovely cards I receive. I place them above my writing desk so that everyday I can give thanks to all of you who have made my experience with the ASMR community such a positive and deeply satisfying endeavour.


And I can’t do a fall favourites without mentioning the changing leaves and the crispness in the air. Fall is my most favourite time of year and to me signifies the new year more than January ever has done.



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