Twice the Calm ~ Spring Calm Box Unboxings

I’ve gotten a bit behind in posting my ASMR videos on my blog. My excuse. It’s spring and the garden has been singing its siren song and I had to listen. The garden is definitely the place that gives me peace  and a sense of calm. So even though the weather has been exceptional (for planting) I’ve pulled myself away from the dirt and seeds for now to catch up on my blog.

If you don’t have a garden to spend time in but need to step away from the hectic pace of your day, I invite you to take some time and watch not just April’s Calm Box unboxing but also March’s (if you happened to miss it when I first uploaded it).


Spring is a terrific time to shed all the worries and stresses of months past and focus mindfully on ourselves, our lives, and everything that every present moment brings to us.

April Calm Box



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