The Many Hats of Lora

shoepxReading the title of this post, you’d think I would start by talking about hats, but I have to backtrack a bit and talk about shoes. Or my past obsession with footwear. My family owned a shoe store so I was indoctrinated into the passion at an early age and by the time I was in my thirties and working a government job, I had about forty pairs of shoes in my closet. My most expensive pair was four hundred dollars. That was a lot of money in the early nineties and oh they were beautiful.

But my life has changed dramatically since then and now I’m down to four pairs of practical shoes. I have two pairs of gardening shoes, (my wellies and duck shoes) a pair of runners for working in retail and when I’m writing I wear my comfy moccasins. I don’t mind that I’ve had to give up buying exquisite shoes because I’d rather spend my money on plants, books and writing journals. Also, I have a dear friend who sends me beautiful shoe calendars every year and I frame my favourite ones so I can still enjoy looking at them. And for my last birthday, the same friend sent me a colouring book complete with glitter crayons. But not just any colouring book. Just look at the photos below.

shoebook Collage

So now that I don’t have the lifestyle or budget to buy shoes I’ve noticed I’ve switched my addiction to hats.

In this day and age there isn’t much call for wearing hats, not like in the thirties and forties where a woman wouldn’t venture out the door without a hat, gloves and matching handbag. Although, my hat collection so far is mostly practical with one exception, I have been pinning quite a few stylish hats on my Pinterest fashion board.

So here is a quick look at my current selection of hats.

The Gardening Hat


This was a cheap little hat I bought eight years ago when Cari and I lived on our hobby farm. I added the fabric flowers later. I wear this hat everyday when I’m gardening in the sunshine and rain. It has an unattractive adjustable cord for around the chin which is invaluable for keeping this little beauty on my head on windy days.

Knitted Winter Cloche


My most recent purchase which I picked up at a local craft fair. Hand knitted with a sliver brooch and fluffy little feather detail on the side. Fashionable and practical and speaks to my love of the 1920’s.

Trapper’s Hat for Serious Winters


This one I don’t wear much anymore since moving to the west coast but it was a life saver when I lived in the Kootenay’s and was outside shoveling nine feet of snow fall over a season. But you may notice it is warm and practical but look at the colour. Okay, the expression on my face tells you exactly how I felt about all that snow. I do wear the scarf however, a lovely gift Cari made me last winter.

Riding Helmet

Oh look, a pony!

Oh look, a pony!

Okay, I have to confess, this one isn’t mine. It’s my niece’s and she and her sister taking riding lessons but it was a bit of silly fun I couldn’t resist.

Italian Sun Hat


This one is so big you could host a whole party underneath it.

My Everyday Hat (Just Kidding)


Frankie is helping me decide what to make for dinner.


3 thoughts on “The Many Hats of Lora

  1. Lora, first of all, thank you for subscribing to shamanic spirit. Secondly, I’m the author of The Spanish Captain etc [for reference!], and, phew, thirdly, your blog is a pleasure to read. This Post I loved and it made me laugh so much. I love blogs full of beauty and imagination and yours is certainly one of them. Have a good day. Robyn.

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