ASMR ~ Serendipitous Surprises from Seattle Part One | Whispered

Sara, a Gentle Viewer and friend, recently sent me two elegant boxes filled with tingle inducing packaging and exquisite objects of beauty. Yes, I am blessed by her and every single person who has sent me packages in the past and for each of you who watch my channel. This unboxing is in three parts and filled with crinkles, fabric sounds, tapping, whispering, and just about every ASMR producing sound you can think of. Thank you Sara!

ASMR ~ Quiet Colouring A Vintage Fashion Plate | Whispered Intro

Hello Gentle Viewers, time for a quiet interlude of colouring in a book given to me by Lacey, a thoroughly generous viewer who brought us The Cornucopia of Kindness Series. During recording, about at the 30 minute mark, there was a thunderstorm so you can here the loud rumbles of thunder and pounding rain. Later on you may hear a softer rumble but that isn’t thunder, it is Steve The Dragon Cat playing with his food ball.